Flock Vinyl


Discover the distinctive feel of our Stripflock Vinyl, with its raised, suede-like texture that elevates any design. Easily adhering to cotton, polyester, cotton-poly blends, and leather, it’s the go-to choice for premium heat transfers.

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Feel the Flock, See the Difference

  • Retro Look for Today’s StylesFlock gives your design a raised,textured suede like feel.
  • Durable Long Lasting MaterialLightweight, but tough enough to last through multiple washes
  • Bright Opaque SoftnessBright & Fuzzy with 12 stock colors to choose from.
  • Stretches without breaking or crackingThick enough for ball cap center seams.
  • CPSIA Certified for Peace of MindCPSIA means this product is safe for children’s clothing


Pricing based on one image! (no gang sheets permitted)

Flock Vinyl
Common Garment Sizes 1 – 9 pieces 10 – 29 pieces 30 – 49 pieces 50 – 99 pieces 100 – 199 pieces
2 x 2 2.76 2.38 1.99 1.79 1.65
3.5 x 3.5 3.83 3.31 2.78 2.51 2.29
4 x 2.5 3.49 3 2.52 2.24 2.06
6 x 3 3.49 3 2.52 2.24 2.06
9 x 5 5.69 5.16 4.63 4.27 4.05
11 x 9 10.29 9.52 8.76 8.33 7.88
12 x 3 5.43 4.94 4.43 4.08 3.85
11 x 11 11.53 10.67 9.81 9.33 8.83
4 x 16 7.56 6.92 6.29 5.84 5.61

12 Stock Colors Available

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Apex stock colors

Application Instructions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help!

What are Flock Heat Transfers?

Flock Heat Transfers are a type of heat transfer vinyl that has a raised, velvety texture. They give designs a unique, soft, and fuzzy finish when applied to fabrics.

How do Flock Heat Transfers differ from regular HTV?

Unlike standard HTV, Flock Heat Transfers have a three-dimensional texture that feels similar to suede or velvet, giving designs a rich and tactile quality.

How do I apply a Flock Heat Transfer to my garment?

Position the Flock Heat Transfer on your garment and use a heat press or iron, adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended heat settings and pressing time. Once cooled, peel away the carrier sheet.

Can garments with Flock Heat Transfers be machine washed?

Yes, they can. To maintain the design’s texture and longevity, turn the garment inside out, wash in cold water, and either tumble dry on low or hang to dry.

Is it possible to layer Flock Heat Transfers with other types of HTV?

Flock can be used as a base layer, with other types of HTV layered on top. However, layering flock on top of other HTVs might not adhere as well due to its textured surface.

Why might my Flock Heat Transfer not adhere properly?

Insufficient heat, not pressing for the recommended time, or using a heat press or iron with uneven heat distribution can cause adhesion issues. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How does the texture of Flock Heat Transfers feel against the skin?

Flock Heat Transfers have a soft, velvety texture that is comfortable against the skin. They provide a plush feel, making them ideal for designs that come in direct contact with the skin, such as on the inside of a garment or on sleepwear.

Is Flock Heat Transfer safe for children’s clothing?

Most Flock Heat Transfer products are CPSIA compliant, making them safe for children’s clothing. However, always check the product’s specifications to ensure safety.

What types of designs work best with Flock Heat Transfers?

While intricate designs can be achieved, bolder and less detailed designs often showcase the unique texture of flock better. Thin lines or very detailed patterns might not capture the full velvety effect.

Do Flock Heat Transfers fade or lose their texture over time?

With proper care, Flock Heat Transfers can retain their texture and color for a long time. However, excessive washing or exposure to harsh chemicals can cause some wear.