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What Makese Our Products Better

What Makes Our Products Better?

  • We use stretch adhesive, standard on all our screen-printed transfers.
  • Our screen printed transfers come on a transparent sheet for easy application.
  • You can apply our transfers at lower temperatures, so they are great for heat-sensitive materials.
  • Since our transfers will work on the most common materials you decorate, you don’t have to order special Ink formulas.
  • We use the best materials for all our products.
  • Our transfers have a super soft feel.

Why Purchase From Apex?

Quality and customer service!

Because we utilize the latest technologies and best materials, our customers can feel confident using our products. And when you want to talk to a real person about your order, we are just a phone call away. Those are just some of the reasons our customers say we have unmatched customer service.

Why Purchase From Apex
Heat Press Product

Why Use Heat Transfers?

Heat transfers are a convenient way for you to decorate a wide variety of products, such as t-shirts, bags, umbrellas, and more! With transfers, you can decorate on demand, so they are perfect for fill-in orders or on-site decorating. 

Put our transfers to the test! Request a free sample pack.