New Online Order Pages for Screen-Print Transfers

We’ve recently updated our screen-print and DTF transfer pages. We’ve added more useful information including artwork specifications, gang sheet information as well as information about dye blockers. The updated pages include Ultra Ink™, Easy Ink™, Fashion Ink and Hot Printz DTF Transfers.

How to Order Hot Printz DTF Heat Transfers

We’ve updated the Hot Printz landing and order pages. Start by visiting Next navigate to the Hot Printz Direct-to-film page. Before you place your order, be sure you carefully check your artwork. Be sure it meets all of our artwork requirements. Be sure you size your artwork to fit within the sheet size you select. For Gang Sheets, be sure you place all of your images and save and embed the file before you upload it.

Hot Printz DTF – How to Order

How to Order Fashion Ink – Screen-Print Transfers

Our Fashion Ink landing and order pages have been recently updated. Begin with preparing your artwork by setting up the live area of your gang sheet. Our sheet size for Fashion Ink is 11.5″ x 18″. If you have multiple sizes or images on your gang sheet, be sure you save the file and embed the images into one art file. This video will show you the remaining steps to place your online order.

How to order Fashion Ink Transfers by Apex Transfers.

How to Order Ultra Ink™ – Full Color Screen-Print Hybrid Transfers

We’ve updated both the landing page and order pages for our Ultra Ink™, full color heat transfers. Before you begin, be sure you have your gang sheet set up to fit 11.5″ x 18″. Your artwork document settings should be set up as CMYK. Be sure to use vector images whenever possible. Your files should be embedded and saved as one art file. If you want us to match a custom pantone number, please be sure you enter this information in the notes section of the order form. We match using Pantone Solid coated or Pantone Color Bridge coated swatches.

How to Order Ultra Ink™ Full color transfers by Apex Transfers

How to Order Easy Ink™ – Screen-Print Heat Transfers

We’ve recently updated our landing and order pages for Easy Ink™, spot color heat transfers. Before you begin to place your order, be sure you start by setting up your gang sheet properly. Our live print area for Easy Ink is 11.5″ x 18″. Be sure you size all of your images to fit within this page area. Be sure you leave at least 1/2″ in between each design, to allow you to cut the images apart. If you have color changes, be sure to click on the color change checkbox. Then in the notes area, please tell us how many sheets you want to use and which color to change to.

How to Order Easy Ink™ – Spot Color (Plastisol) transfers by Apex Transfers

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