Screen Prints for T Shirts

Screen Prints for T Shirts

You can create Screen Prints for T Shirts by using gang sheets from Apex Transfers. By combining multiple images on the sheet, you can lower your transfer cost significantly. Use your design software and place the images and allow space to cut them apart

Custom heat transfer sheets such as Easy Ink™,use a film printed with plastisol ink. This gives you the flexibility of printing multiple images for t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags and more.

Screen Prints for T Shirts – Gang Sheet Advantages

There are several advantages when considering screen prints for t shirts, such as:

  • Order small quantities
  • Print on demand when you are ready to print
  • Apply using a commercial heat press machine
  • Use the same inks as your local screen printer
  • Long Shelf life when stored properly
  • Available formula allow lower application temperature
  • Are economical to produce
  • Allow more than one image on the sheet with Gang Sheets
  • No Mess application with no screens to clean
  • Fast easy sheets application as little as 10 seconds per shirt

To print designs on T-shirts from gang sheets, we utilize a special transfer paper film that allows for spot color inks and CMYK (four color process) inks, like Ultra Color™ heat transfers.  You can choose from several stock ink colors without incurring any extra charges for custom ink mixing.

You can customize the mixing of plastisol transfer inks to match a specific Pantone ink color, but keep in mind that the color matching may vary when applied to your fabric due to garment dye migration.To help stop the dye migration problem, you can choose a different plastisol transfer formula such as Easy Ink™ with Dye Blocker. This formula adds a special dye blocking adhesive which keeps the dye in your fabric from bleeding through the T Shirt transfer ink.

How to order Screen Prints for T Shirts

Ordering custom heat transfers  is very simple with Apex Transfers. Simply navigate to the product and choose from one of the 3 print formulas available. Once you choose the print formula, you can determine how many images you want to place on the sheet also known as a Gang Sheet.  Simply place your images on the sheet and allow yourself room to cut them apart either with scissors or with a paper cutter. If you need help with your art, you can refer to our art requirements page
Email us your order for Screen Prints for T Shirts at and we will be glad to help you place your order or help you estimate the cost.

How to use Transfer Film – Why use Heat Transfers vs. Direct Screen Printing?

How to use Transfer Paper – Create a Gang Sheet

To get the most for your money using transfer papers you need to be familiar with what a “Gang Sheet” is. A “Gang Sheet” is simply a way to combine multiple images of the same logo or design one on a sheet.  When using the Digital / Screen printed heat transfers, you can even have multiple logos which are different on the same sheet. If you decide to go with spot color transfers, you can add different logos only if the logos contain the exact same ink colors. 

Utilizing a gang sheet can prove advantageous, particularly when you require printing a crest print logo on the front of your shirt in addition to a full-sized back logo. Moreover, when you have multiple small images that can fit numerous logos on a single sheet, sheets can also present a cost-effective solution.  The more you can fit on your sheet, the lower your unit cost will be. When ordering a gang sheet you should consider the following:

  • Determine the “Live area” of your sheet
  • Allow enough room to cut your sheet
  • Know exactly how many prints you will have using the minimum order
  • Be sure to know how long it takes to cut apart your images
  • Be careful not to smudge or scrape off ink when handling the heat transfer.

How to apply Screen Prints for T Shirts, using Gang Sheets

To apply your heat press transfers you will need a commercial heat press which can provide at least 50 lbs of pressure and at least 375° F of heat. Many Cheap heat press machines will not work if they can not provide the minimum amount of pressure and heat. The application process with a heat press machine is slightly different depending on the Plastisol transfer formula you choose.

Easy Ink™ custom heat transfers application instructions

  • Temperature 275°F – 300°F
  • Dwell time – 12 to 15 seconds
  • Pressure – 45 to 50 PSI
  • Peel immediately after raising heat platen

To apply Fashion Ink plastisol transfers  the application is

  • Temperature 325°F (less for tote bags)
  • Dwell time – 5 to 8 seconds
  • Pressure – 45 to 50 PSI
  • Peel immediately after raising heat platen

To apply Ultra Ink™ – CMYK heat transfers the application for T-shirts is

  • Temperature 275°F to 300°F (less for black fabric)
  • Dwell time 12 seconds
  • Pressure 40 PSI to 45 PSI
  • Peel immediately after raising the heat platen.

How to use Transfer Paper  – Where do professionals go?

You can apply heat press transfers to 100% cotton, 100% polyester, 50/50 cotton polyester fabrics. There are different ink formulas for each type of fabric. Wholesale T shirt transfers may also apply to fleece or sweatshirts as well as cotton or polyester bags. Be sure to check with Apex Transfers for the right product for your custom garments.