Elevate Your Brand with Custom Wholesale Embroidered Appliqués

Custom wholesale embroidered appliqués trend strongly among embroiderers, team dealers, and garment wholesalers. They personalize any garment from team uniforms and company shirts to bespoke gifts. The vast range of customization options for appliqués offers endless possibilities. Whether it’s any shape, size, or color, featuring any design, logo, or text, or attaching it to any fabric such as cotton, polyester, denim, or leather, you can create a unique look with custom appliqués.

In this blog post, we delve into the world of wholesale custom appliqués, exploring their creation process using laser cut materials, the provision of sew disk files, their benefits when ordering in bulk, and tips on choosing the right product for your next project.

Understanding Custom Wholesale Embroidered Appliqués

Essentially, custom appliqués are decorative fabric pieces attached to another fabric, usually through sewing or ironing. They help enhance a garment’s design or logo such as a team uniform or a company shirt. They can be created from various materials, including fabric, felt, leather, and vinyl, and attached by sewing, ironing, or using adhesive.

The unique selling point of custom appliqués is their limitless customization. They enhance a garment with a personal touch like a name or initials and can promote a brand or team by featuring a logo or slogan.

Examples of custom applique’s from Apex Transfers

The Making of Custom Wholesale Embroidered Appliqués

Embroidery, screen printing, and laser cutting techniques contribute to the creation of custom appliqués. Laser cutting, a popular choice, provides high precision and detail and allows creating intricate shapes and designs.

Laser cutting uses a high-powered laser, controlled by a computer program, to cut through various materials such as cotton, polyester, felt, and leather.

Many custom applique suppliers such as Apex, offer a sew disk file, a digital file containing sewing instructions for the applique. Commercial embroidery machines can use this file to attach the applique to the garment quickly and efficiently.

Once the material has been cut, the custom applique is ready to be attached to the garment. This can be done by sewing, ironing, or using adhesive.

Custom wholesale embroidered appliqué

Why Order Custom Wholesale Embroidered Appliqués?

There are several benefits to ordering custom appliqués wholesale. Here are some of the most significant benefits:

  • Cost-Effective: Ordering custom appliques wholesale is often more cost-effective than ordering individual appliques. Suppliers of custom appliques often offer discounts for bulk orders, which can save embroiderers, team dealers a significant amount of money.
  • Customization: Bulk ordering allows for a high level of customization including the choice of shape, size, color, design, logo, or text.
  • Time-Saving: Ordering custom appliqués wholesale can save time for embroiderers, team dealers, and garment wholesalers.
  • High-Quality: Suppliers ensure high quality by using top-notch materials and production techniques, guaranteeing the final product’s longevity and professional appearance.
  • Versatility: Custom appliqués can serve a wide range of purposes, from team uniforms to corporate gifts, offering a vast range of options to clients.

Choosing a Custom Wholesale Appliques Supplier – Tips 

When looking for a supplier of custom wholesale appliqués ,consider these factors:

  1. Opt for a supplier who employs top-notch materials and production techniques, guaranteeing the highest standards in each appliqué creation.
  2. Customization Options: Choose a supplier providing an extensive array of customization possibilities such as the appliqué’s shape, size, and color, along with the featured design, logo, or text.
  3. Production Time: Pick a supplier that can efficiently produce large quantities of appliqués to meet client demands promptly.
  4. Pricing: Select a supplier offering competitive pricing, including bulk order discounts.
  5. Customer Service: Consider a supplier such as Apex, providing excellent customer service, including quick responses to inquiries and concerns.
  6. Reviews: Pick a supplier with positive feedback and testimonials from previous customers.
wholesale custom embroidered appliqué on fleece
Example of wholesale custom embroidered appliqué by Apex


Wholesale custom appliqués provide a cost-effective and customizable option for embroiderers, team dealers, and garment wholesalers. Laser cutting, popular for creating custom appliqués, offers high precision and detail. Sew disk files assist in attaching the appliqué to the garment.

When choosing a wholesale custom appliqués supplier, consider factors such as quality, customization options, production time, pricing, customer service, and reviews. Apex has 25 years of experience you can trust.

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