Super Glitter Vinyl


Super Glitter vinyl HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) is a dazzling choice for apparel decorators aiming to make a statement. Designed with a high concentration of sparkling glitter particles, this vinyl not only ensures brilliant shine but also boasts excellent durability. It’s perfect for adding a touch of glamor to t-shirts, bags, and other textiles.

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Go from Basic to “Bedazzling”

  • Custom-Cut Glitter VinylApplies seamlessly to a variety of fabric types, enhancing your product range.
  • Ideal for Cheer or Dance SquadsStand out in any crowd with eye catching shiny glitter logos
  • CPSIA CertifiedSafe for children’s clothing
  • Low-Heat ApplicationApplies at 320°F with medium pressure – helps minimize fabric distortion
  • Vibrant, Long-Lasting Colors46 glitter color options, ensuring lasting vibrancy on both dark and light fabrics


Pricing based on one image! (no gang sheets permitted)

Super Glitter Vinyl
Common Garment Sizes 1 – 9 pieces 10 – 29 pieces 30 – 49 pieces 50 – 99 pieces 100 – 199 pieces
2 x 2 2.76 2.38 1.99 1.79 1.65
3.5 x 3.5 3.83 3.31 2.78 2.51 2.29
4 x 2.5 3.49 3 2.52 2.24 2.06
6 x 3 3.49 3 2.52 2.24 2.06
9 x 5 5.69 5.16 4.63 4.27 4.05
11 x 9 10.29 9.52 8.76 8.33 7.88
12 x 3 5.43 4.94 4.43 4.08 3.85
11 x 11 11.53 10.67 9.81 9.33 8.83
4 x 16 7.56 6.92 6.29 5.84 5.61

45+ Stock Colors Available

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Application Instructions

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Hot or Cold

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help!

What are Glitter HTV Transfers?

Glitter HTV Transfers are a type of heat transfer vinyl that has a glittery finish. They are used to create sparkling designs on fabrics and other materials by applying heat.

How do I apply a Glitter HTV Transfer to my garment?

To apply a Glitter HTV Transfer, you’ll need a heat press or iron. Place the transfer on your garment with the glitter side facing up, and apply heat according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once cooled, peel away the carrier sheet.

Can Glitter HTV Transfers be washed in a washing machine?

Yes, garments with Glitter HTV Transfers can be machine washed. However, it’s recommended to turn the garment inside out, use cold water, and tumble dry on low or hang to dry to ensure the longevity of the design.

Do Glitter HTV Transfers fade over time?

With proper care, Glitter HTV Transfers can retain their sparkle and color for a long time. However, excessive washing or exposure to harsh chemicals can cause fading.

Can I layer Glitter HTV with other types of HTV?

While it’s possible to layer different types of HTV, it’s generally not recommended to layer Glitter HTV on top of other HTV types due to its textured surface. However, you can layer other types of HTV on top of Glitter HTV.

What materials can I apply Glitter HTV Transfers to?

Glitter HTV Transfers are suitable for cotton, polyester, blends, leather, and more. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations before applying to a specific material.

How long do I need to press the Glitter HTV for it to adhere properly?

The pressing time can vary based on the brand and type of Glitter HTV. Typically, it ranges from 10-20 seconds. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

Are Glitter HTV Transfers safe for children’s clothing?

Most Glitter HTV products are CPSIA compliant, making them safe for use on children’s clothing. However, always check the product specifications to be sure.

Can I cut Glitter HTV with a regular craft cutter?

Yes, Glitter HTV can be cut using standard craft cutters like Silhouette, Cricut, and others. Ensure your blade is sharp and adjust settings as needed for the thicker glitter material.

Why is my Glitter HTV not sticking to the garment?

There could be several reasons: the heat source might not be hot enough, the pressing time was too short, or the garment’s material might not be compatible. Ensure you’re following the manufacturer’s guidelines and pre-wash your garment to remove any residues or coatings.